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ADHD in Adulthood

Many years ago it was believed that children would 'outgrow' symptoms of ADHD in adolescence however research now shows that at least sixty percent of adults maintain some of their impairing core symptoms into adulthood. While some adults with ADHD may have been diagnosed in childhood and some may have received treatment at that time, many adults are still not realizing that their difficulties are caused by ADHD. 

ADHD has an impact on many areas of an adult's life, including: work, home, relationships, finances and mental and physical health. 

As an ADHD therapist, Fleur supports adults with ADHD to make positive changes in their personal, academic and professional lives. Fleur works with clients to capitalize on their strengths to overcome challenges, such as time management and organization, planning, setting priorities, mental health (i.e. anxiety, depression), family conflict, relationship issues and low self-esteem.


Using a variety of therapeutic techniques, such as cognitive behavioural therapy, mindfulness and solution-focused coaching, Fleur develops individualized approaches to ensure each client develops a path to success. Fleur strives to help clients appreciate their strengths and pay less attention to perceived weaknesses.


Stop feeling defeated and work with Fleur to find ways to accomplish your goals in a way that works for you! Contact Fleur for a free consultation.

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