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Executive Function Coaching for Adults


Whether it is at home, at work or in relationships, executive function skill difficulties can impact many areas of our lives.


Executive functions are the self-regulating skills that we all use to accomplish tasks, from getting ready in the morning to completing work duties. Executive function skills help us plan and organize activities, sustain attention, and persist to complete tasks. In addition, executive function skills allow us to make decisions, shift between situations or thoughts, regulate our emotions and impulsivity, and monitor our thoughts in order to work efficiently and effectively. 

Executive function skill difficulties in adults include:


- forgetting to complete tasks

- inability to keep track of personal items like keys and cellphones

- trouble following conversations

- losing train of thought

- difficulty remembering steps in a multi-step process

- rushing but still end up being late​

- difficulty meeting deadlines

- inability to multitask

- emotion regulation difficulties 

Do these symptoms sound too familiar and are you ready to do something about it? Contact Fleur for a free consultation.


Executive Function Coaching can take place in-person or online. The frequency and length of sessions depend on the individual, and will be decided on collaboratively.



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